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Business Lane makes money easy...

Breezy. Stress-freezy. Ultimately, helping clients understand their numbers and boosting their confidence. ‘Cos knowledge = success.

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Do you want:
A new business buddy, cheerleader and supporter?
To understand your numbers (in the simplest words)?
And to learn your options moving forward?


Hold My Hand

Want to DIY your finances like a champion? Let’s get you set up for success and show you how to dominate your numbers management.



email marketing

Description of service or offering and how it helps your customer solve their problem. Paint a picture of success and what life looks like after working with you. ie. I provide X so you can X (save time/money/ reduce risk etc..

your new number wizard

Meet Aimee

Finance guru, your numbers ninja and the Founder of Business Lane by day. Creative, meditator and whisky sipper by night. Ignited by community and connection  – in work and in life – Aimee’s here for you *and* your business. 

It’s Aimee’s sole mission to:
Bring your business numbers back to earth
Empower you with easy info
Give you clarity and confidence within your business

Because knowledge = success.

let's do this!

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You’re just two clicks away from having compelling copy, packed with personality that is going to transform your business.

Head to my contact page, fill out the form and I’ll be in touch to arrange a 15 minute kick-off call. Can’t wait!

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