We make navigating business finances fun

Finance management by humans (not robots)

It all began with an 18 kg box of receipts.

Finance Director, Aimee started helping out her bro with business finances when she was 18 (he was 17). What followed was a hilarious series of events which led Aimee to a finance job at Rockstar Energy Drinks.

14 years later, when a colleague (turned bestie) from Rockstar came to Aimee with an 18kg box of receipts, she realised other business owners were avoiding their numbers, just like others she helped did.

Demystify business finances? Empower people with their numbers? Eat donuts while celebrating client wins? Sounded like a dream come true.

So in 2017, Aimee left her job to dedicate 100% of time to helping business owners achieve NuMbEr DoMiNaTiOn!! And Business Lane’s been livin’ in the fast lane ever since.

We get it.

Business numbers are tough. Confusing and sometimes… scary.


To be honest, you’ve started questioning “am I even doing this right?” Xero is freaking you out. And ‘the books’ appears on your to-do list more often than knock-off drinks (not okay!).

It gets worse. Financially, you’re unsure where your business stands. Is it time to hire another, or fire your brother? Should you take that holiday or cut back on business subscriptions? Ugh! Who knows.


You’ve reached a fork in the road.
Damn you fork.

Do you:

Keep having Xero nightmares… (no, thanks)

Outsource to a human AF finance management crew.

Focus on your awesome zone, instead


Free time

Get back to what you’re awesome at while we sort your numbers. Eat 12 donuts, hula hoop or hit the beach with all your extra time now that you’re WAY more productive in Xero.


Peace of mind

Be 100% certain that you’re not breaking any rules, with a legit Finance Manager overseeing your numbers and triple checking compliance.



Know exactly where your numbers stand, in the simplest words possible. We exist to empower you with easy to understand (read: fun) info.

my mission


Headshot Finance Manager Business Lane Aimee Lee Russo



“Your business is your baby. Let it be mine too. Not in an ‘I will steal your baby’ way. More, like I’ll care about it just as much as you.”

Finance guru, numbers ninja and the Founder of Business Lane by day. Creative, meditator and whisky sipper by night. Ignited by community and connection  – in work and in life – Aimee’s here for you *and* your business.

It’s Aimee’s sole mission to:
– Bring your business numbers back to earth
– Empower you with easy info
– Give you clarity and confidence within your business

Business Lane Finance Team Member Tahlia Neilson



“Numbers and data have the ability to be turned into information through analysis, this is key to enabling good decision making. It allows us to take the guesswork out and give control and clarity back to businesses!”

Our resident long black and cinnamon donut lover T has a neat 12+ years accounting and bookkeeping experience.  On weekends you’ll find her at live music gigs and livin’ life in the fast lane on ANYTHING with two wheels. 

Business Lane Finance Team Member Michelle McDermott



“When businesses see their numbers in a simple way, they can get a clear picture about what they’re supposed to be doing (or not doing). It makes their lives so much easier!”

With 25+ years administration support, Michelle enjoys life in the *middle* lane. The hustle bustle of city life, and coming home to her seaside town. Loves a laneway lemon meringue and skinny cap (unless espresso martinis are on the menu). And on her days off you’ll find her buried in a good book, walking along the beach or seriously bingeing reality TV (think Real Housewives or Bake Off). 

Becoming members of your team makes us happy dance

Afterall, working 1:1 with you is our fave thing to do. We’ve been featured in team photoshoots.
And bring whisky to your Christmas parties. Helping you succeed makes our hearts freakin’ happy.

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